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What is Curacao Business Point (CBP)?

Curaçao Business Point is the most updated Business directory for the island of Curacao.


Want to joint-venture or enter in a partnership to export to Latin America, the European Union and/or the Caribbean?

You are at the right place to link with our Curaçao businesses.


Are you looking for top-quality products and services?

At the Curaçao Business Point you can choose from a list of pro-active Curaçao businesses that offer you your desired product or service.



Who is behind this Curaçao Business Point?
The Curaçao Chamber of Commerce and Industry, was established in 1884 following a first setup back in 1828; however since 1945 it’s completely independent from government. The Chamber’s board consists of  a total of nine (9) private sector board members whom are all chosen by the electorate of registered business people. The Chamber is the official representative of the private sector as well as the focal point in its network, with the purpose of enhancing the general welfare and interest of the whole business community.


Ethical market place

It is with the latter in mind that the Curaçao Chamber launched Curaçao Business Point; all participating companies signed a code of conduct in which they commit to meet and abide to our high standard. The nine principles of the code of ethics are: to be trustworthy, advertise honestly, be credible, transparent, protect privacy, embody integrity, stimulate sustainable development, show respect, and be accountable.


Business sectors

In the Search option simply pinpoint the exact business you need to contact. For your convenience we have the following categories:

  • Products
  • Construction Services
  • Trade (i.a. wholesale, retail and intermediate)
  • Tourism & Travel Related Services
  • Transportation Services
  • Communication Services
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance Services
  • Business Services (e.g. accountants, architects, business consultants, business development managers, attorneys, law firms, business-process-outsourcing [BPO], engineers, translators, marketing, researchers]
  • Computer & Information Services (e.g. hardware, software, internet and cloud providers, data storage)
  • Real Estate Services
  • Other Services (e.g. private educational, health related, environmental, security)



Curaçao’s experienced business partners can be your perfect match to other parts of the world due to its Caribbean Basin Trade Partnership Act (CBTPA) with the USA and the Council Decision on the Association of the Overseas Countries and Territories with the European Union (OCT-EU) giving Curaçao preferential access to both markets. Curaçao offers an attractive export facility and e-zone law, tax holidays and an optimal infrastructure and investment climate.