Verdi Industrial Services Equipment
March 24, 2020 4:59 pm
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A company called VISE (Verdi Industrial Services Equipment) that provides excellent service and quality in the Industrial, Automotive, Maintenance, Residential and Marine areas.
Phone +59995626740 / +59997372537
distance: 24 Kilometers

Verdi Industrial Services Equipment

VISE is a Machineshop over 20 years of work experience within the Industrial, Food Process, Marine, Automotive & Residential areas with excellence in Service and Quality.

VISE Expertise includes:
– Mechanical Design & Simulation;
– Parts Manufacturing;
– Metal Structure Prefabrication & Installation;
– Welding (Stick / TIG);
– Equipment Maintenance / Plant Turnarounds.

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Address George Willems Kavel #12, Brievengat
Phone +59995626740 / +59997372537
distance: 24 Kilometers
Address Kaminda George Willems, Kavel 12
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