Stargue Inc.
October 10, 2015 7:26 pm
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Stargue, is a strategic boutique professional services firm specializing in integrating people, business, and technology.
Phone +59995179011
Country Curaçao
distance: 23 Kilometers

Stargue Inc.

Stargue, is a strategic boutique professional services firm specializing in integrating people, business, and technology. As such, foremost, we are listeners.  We listen to your aspirations, sound, and color of your passion. This allows us a deep affinity with your challenges and your direction; combined with our social scientific knowledge, know-how, and technological innovations support you in making your own success story.

We deliver value through tailored improvement projects that bring the clarity and passion to take your organization from one level of your success to another.  We would love to hear you describe the 3 most critical challenges keeping you from achieving your business objectives.

Products & Services Offered
Generally, our products and services are primarily defined by your business challenges and delivered in tailored improvement projects leading towards resolving your challenges and meeting your business objectives. Nevertheless we follow proven methodologies and/or best practices to deliver value.

Our experience with our clients and collaboration with partners has produced the following innovative offerings:

Working Together Experience – Engages entrepreneurs and business owners in an experiential workshop to acquire the competence to work well with others and effectively achieve business objectives. This workshop is the initial stage of our Value program.
Value Program – Passionately Working Together Delivering Value to the World. A program that harnesses the talent of multi-disciplinary teams of passionate entrepreneurs in identifying a niche in the global market and deliver value by serving that niche.
SME COOP Initiative – Facilitating and supporting Small Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs’) transition from primarily profit focused business models to more sustainable business models that put people first.

Target group & end users
Entrepreneurs with a burning passion to realize a business idea or business owners passionate about and ready to take their business from their current level to a next level of success.

Unique selling points
Through a combination of our wisdom, knowledge, a repertoire of different methodologies, and practical know-how, experience in the North American, Asian/Middle Eastern, and Caribbean markets, and our meticulous drive for clarity, passion for the adventurous path to provide sustainable solutions; we create pleasantly surprising innovative approaches and solutions to the most challenging business situations and facilitate a client’s transition from their current state they to a more improved state of greater value.

Reference / track record
Ministry of Health, Environment, and Nature
Roman Catholic School Board
University of Curaçao
Curaçao Business Council for Sustainable Development (BPM)
Emilka Model Management

Export experience
We export our professional services and are currently seeking to increase our international client base.

Profile of commercial contacts sought after
Passionate entrepreneurs, capitalized startups, and/or business owners passionate about their business and ready to take it to the next level of success.
Our competency, skill sets, and professionalism allows us to be flexible, to adapt, and are very apt in multi-disciplinary business environments, which allows us to be effective in a great number of situations.
Entrepreneurs must be passionate about their idea in order to enlist our interest, and the idea must prove viable to enlist our further engagement.
Startups must be capitalized with at least $.5 million+
Business owners preferably have a list of their top 3 business challenges. If they are serious business owners and understand the value of an external perspective, we support the exploration of greater value opportunities, define and prioritize their challenges.

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Address Chuchubiweg 17
Phone +59995179011
Website Link Visit Link Here
Country Curaçao
distance: 23 Kilometers
Address Chuchubiweg, Willemstad
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