Alpha Finance and Project Consultancy B.V.
August 1, 2019 3:42 pm
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We are the Project/Maintenance Management, Turnaround and Finance management branch of the group.
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Alpha Finance and Project Consultancy B.V.


We provide services in the areas of:

  • Project and Finance management,
  • Turnaround management
  • Developing RCM based Maintenance programs
  • and supply of Certified Operators & Inspectors

ALPHA consists of a dynamic team with extensive experience in several areas of expertise, which we wish to provide to your team.

Our vast experience in the areas of Project management, Routine Maintenance in Oil terminals, Utility stations, refineries, suppliers of domestic and industrial hydrocarbons including aviation, maintenance and construction ranging from Saudi, Venezuela, Trinidad, Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao will be of added value to your organization.

Project Management Support Activities

Providing services from conceptual design to end-implementation / commissioning as well as performing in the following areas:

Project development as well as detail development from the evaluation phase to lead case development, project management, project refinement, public and restricted procurement, technical and commercial evaluation of procurement, project start-up as well as project execution, quality assurance and quality control, drafting and evaluation of Health Safety and Environmental management programs, in operation, from technical completion, to financial completion of projects
Design and project development, mechanical, civil, electrical / instrumentation and quality control, safety, chemical and petrochemical processes and operation, operator monitored fire detection and fire sprinkler extinguishing system;
Developing best-in-class maintenance management programs, system reliability management programs (also known as Reliability Centred Management programs
Providing services as well as carrying out safety inspection activities including but not limited to fire safety inspections according to NFPA guidelines also design and installation of commercial and industrial fire alarm / fire protection plus fire sprinkler / fire suppressant installations
Coordinate and / or perform all possible construction work both on land or in or under water in civil / architectural field with whatever type of material as well as performing industrial and commercial activities including painting work;
Setting up also providing management, framework and executive staff training in technical skills with – mechanical, electrical and automation / instrumentation, – system reliability, reliability reliability, root definition assessment, scheduling definition also scheduling cost estimation, cost control / control, compilation / coordination of public and private procurement;
Recruiting, deploying, coordinating daily and providing executive staff and supervision currently management personnel, project coordination, security expertise, quality assurance, supervision, qualified workforce, materials, tools and necessary auxiliaries for the safe execution of the above-mentioned activities;

Financial Support Activities

Develop the project financing plan and financing applicatio document with financial plus technical substantiation
Performing financial analysis in combination with analysing qualitative, quantitative plus recognition / definition of structured risk
Interpreting communication between the company and financial markets on financial performance, forecasts and valuation.
Critically review enterprise performance figures within an industry context
Evaluate the company’s financial reporting obligations and enterprise reporting practices
Defining, elaboration, implementation and aftercare of Administrative Organization, Workflow, and Internal Control Optimization.
Perform enterprise or project valuation based on the WEIGHTED Average Cost of Capital before and after tax (WACC) method; the cash flow (ECF) method and the adjusted cash value (APV) method
Determine the value of convertible bonds and determine when they are to be used
Calculate the net present value of a project and merger strategy
Determining the relationship between capital budgeting and enterprise taxation
Defining, elaborating, implementing and aftercare of Auto-Laste of Bankruptcy Payments
Defining, elaborating, implementing and following-up of Auto Mapping of Bank Mutations
Determining the value of a fixed income security, given “discount rates” and expected cash flows.
Determination of the term structure of interest rates on the basis of a set bond price, with a view to risk management, calculate the maturity and convexity of a fixed income security and immunization strategies for hedging interest rate risk
The definition, implementation, and aftercare of Hourly Automation.
Defining, elaboration, implementation and aftercare of Automatic Reading of Salaries. From payroll to online banking
Evaluate the credit risk of a fixed income security, with criteria related to debtor risk, credit spread risk and downgrade risk.
Evaluate enterprise Corporate Governance integrity level related to and in accordance with the guidelines established by the Organization for Economic Co-Operations and Development (OECD)
The definition, elaboration and evaluation of the Due diligence evaluation system, which aims to evaluate the financial, fiscal, legal and commercial aspects of environmental, IE, HR or IT and disclosure of latent obligations.
Drawing up and conducting in-house due diligence research, describing the strengths and weaknesses of the company will also provide improvement points for the situation.

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